Low Head Scab Risk Throughout North Carolina

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Wheat and Barley Scab Risk Low Throughout North Carolina

For wheat flowering around April 17, risk of damage from Fusarium head blight (FHB, or scab) infection is low. The small amount of rain in the 7-day forecast suggests risk will remain low for wheat that is due to flower in that period. The same is true for barley heading now or in the next week. Recent low temperatures further reduce scab risk. An application of fungicide targeting scab is not warranted.

The national scab risk map has a new interface (wheatscab.psu.edu). As before, the model shows risk as low, medium, or high for wheat flowering today. Estimated risk is based on relative humidity in the 15 days prior to today. By default, the map shows risk for moderately susceptible varieties, and it behaves very similarly for moderately resistant varieties. In the upper left corner, above the plus/minus symbols, is a square that provides a menu where variety resistance can be adjusted. Currently, risk is low throughout North Carolina for all levels of resistance.