Video: Sugarcane Aphid Control in Sorghum

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Sugarcane aphids can damage our sorghum crop and our profits. Watch this quick video to learn what you can do to save your crop and your money.

This pest can really cut into our yield, but if we control unnecessarily that’s going to cut into our profit. Chemical control can also damage beneficials which can manage low aphid populations for us. Scouting for this pest is very simple once you know what to do.

Walk 25′ into the interior of the field to avoid field edges which can give us inaccurate numbers. Walk the rows in 50′ sections around the field. If you can see that there’s glistening from honeydew on the upper surface of the leaves, turn them over to look for these aphid colonies (large clusters of aphids).

many aphids on the underside of a leaf

A colony will multiply quickly

Walk 4-5 areas of the field until you’ve examined 60-80 plants. Calculate the percentage of plants that are infested and compare it to the threshold numbers here: Sugarcane Aphid Thresholds

Next year we can plant resistant varieties and we can also plant earlier to try to avoid the pest by getting our crop established before the aphid populations do. For variety information visit the Official Variety Test – Sorghum site.