New Wheat Variety Selection Tool

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DashboardAfter almost three years of development the North Carolina Wheat Variety Selection Tool is ready for its debut. With support from the NCSGGA we have built seven years of yield, test weight, and variety characteristic information into the tool which can now be accessed at your fingertips. The tool allows you to Find varieties with a search by variety name to look at specifics, or to Query varieties and filter by certain characteristics such as yield or disease resistance. Once you have narrowed your search you can directly Compare multiple varieties side-by-side. In addition, through the Analytics tool you can look at individual location, statewide and multi-year data all in the same window, and sort by whichever characteristic you are most interested in. Here you can access the new North Carolina Wheat Variety Selection Tool. And don’t forget to check out the user tutorial on the Small Grains Extension YouTube Channel.

As you start to use the tool please send feedback to Angela Post: or Ryan Heiniger: and let us know what you think and how it can be improved.