Video: Pre-Emergent Italian Ryegrass Control

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Italian ryegrass is one of our most challenging weeds because it’s competitive with wheat, grows the same time as wheat, germinates with it, and on top of all of that it’s also resistant to a lot of different herbicides that we have. In this video Extension Specialist, Dr. Wes Everman, outlines options on preventing and getting control of this important weed in our wheat.


If we have emerged ryegrass it needs to be controlled before we plant our crop. Gramoxone is an excellent option. We do have some regions with glyphosate resistant Italian ryegrass and gramoxone is an effective alternative. We’ve also seen excellent results with a Valor based program. Valor in our burndown before we plant the wheat will allow for us to have residual control once we have our burndown. We’ve seen excellent results with residual carrying into the season sometimes even into the spring controlling that ryegrass.


Zidua and Anthem Flex are both based off of pyroxasulfone. Anthem Flex is pyroxasulfone plus carfentrazone. We can apply Anthem Flex as a true PRE so once you run through the field with your drill you can spray your Anthem Flex immediately following planting. If you’re going to use Zidua you have to wait until that wheat seed has germinated and the radicle is emerged from the seed. Then we can spray that Zidua and get our residual control. Both options provide excellent control of Italian ryegrass, pre-emergence and excellent crop safety.