Video: Post-Emergent Italian Ryegrass Control

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Once Italian ryegrass has emerged, we have to change our control strategies.

In this short video, Extension Specialist, Dr. Wes Everman outlines what we can do now to stay ahead of this competitive weed in wheat:

In North Carolina, about 95 to 98% of the samples of Italian ryegrass we tested were resistant to Hoelon. Currently, we have 3 effective herbicides for post-emergence use on Italian ryegrass in wheat:

  1. Osprey
  2. PowerFlex
  3. Axial XL

We do have biotypes that are resistant to each one of these herbicides, but if we understand what bio-types we have and rotate our chemistries we can be effective at controlling the Italian ryegrass. We’ve been seeing some biotypes that seemed to germinate in March and compete with the wheat once we’re in grain-fill.

If you haven’t applied a pre-emergence herbicide scout fields starting in December. If you have applied a pre-emergence herbicide, start looking in January and February. Be prepared to make your applications before the Italian ryegrass takes over.

We recommend using a residual herbicide in your post-emergence spray especially if you haven’t used a pre-emergence herbicide at planting. It takes a little pressure off of that post-emergence herbicide and allows for some control of any weed seeds that may germinate in the spring.

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