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NC State Extension

Yield Contest, 2001

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

The 2001 wheat yield contest results are now official and here they are!

We had hard growing conditions in the Fall of 2000 especially in the Piedmont. Then a killing frost in the late Spring that devastated much of the NC harvest. As a result we only had 1 entry from the Piedmont, a handful of entries of the rest of the state, and no 100 bushel yields at all. But, even with these circumstances, there were some wheat yields to be proud of.

Award Grower County Agent Yield
Piedmont, 1st McLain Farms Iredell Michael Miller 75.3
Coastal Pl. 1st Charles Jackson Robeson Georgia Love 80.5
Coastal Pl. 2nd Ronald Pridgen Columbus Dalton Dockery 76.8
Coastal Pl. 3rd Brooks Barnes Wilson Normal Harrell 73.4
TideWater & NC !st Laurence Wray Chappell Perquimans Lewis Smith 92.0
TideWater & NC 2nd Weldon Byrum Perquimans Lewis Smith 91.3
TideWater & NC 3rd Thomas and Wayne Rogerson Pasquotank Alton Wood 90.8

Field faculty Michael Miller, Georgia Love and Lewis Smith will also receive special recognition at the January conference.